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Developed with years of experience to optimize processes and workflows so that your consignment journeys can be fast and efficient.


Learn more about your business through analytic insights including profitability, client retention, resource utilization and more.

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How It Works

Powerful Routing

Route each shipment over a single or multiple consignments using the routing tools. Get live tracking information and alerts as consignments move along their route.

  • Split consignments into multiple smaller ones

  • Use analytics tools to help route consignments efficiently

  • Use locations and predicted time-stamps to make resource assignment easier.

Manage Resources

Auto-assign or manually assign resources using our flexible resource management tools. Make sure you're using the right resource by using our advanced analytics feature.

  • Assign team, drivers and vehicles to each consignment

  • Use resource intelligence data to map resources and their availability days in advance

  • Use auto-assign to quickly assign resources

Outsource to Partners

Easily forward an entire consignment or a single leg to partnered carriers. Manage competitive quotes, assign carrier and watch them do the heavy lifting, literally.

  • Request or send quotes to partnered carriers

  • Approve quotes or send counter-offers

  • Track outsourced consignment using map view

Quotations, Invoicing
& Billing

Send consignment quotes, invoices and bills for claims and additional charges, all with just a few clicks.

  • Generate quotes using stored rates and consignment information

  • Use standard pricing or itemized pricing for a detailed breakdown

  • Approve or decline quotes received from shippers and carriers.

Manage Disputes & Claims

Verify consignments and manage claims or disputes raised for anomalies including weight, packaging, damage, etc.

  • Approve or Decline claims and disputes

  • View claim charges and receipts

  • View documentation for disputes

Centralized Documentation

All consignment documents can be viewed through the portal including a detailed history of all updates and actions related to the documents.

  • Set document required for each consignment

  • Upload multiple types of documents

  • Activity Log and Version Control


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